If your life is not in danger and the course is playable and the Greens Keeper Determines the course is playable the tournament must continue. If your team elected not to play your team is disqualified from Calcutta and Team Placement. The teams that had players that left, those players are disqualified. Blind draws were made for the purpose of the Calcutta only for those teams.


  • Winter Rules – Lie of ball may be adjusted (with club head only) one club length anywhere but greens and hazards (Flights 3-8). Note: Flights 1 and 2 MUST PLAY BALL AS IT LIES.
  • Lost Ball and Out of Bounds  – stroke only. Drop a ball at the point where your first ball was lost or out of bounds, add one penalty stroke to your score. “NO GIMME PUTTS!!”
  • Maximum of 10 strokes on any hole. Pickup ball after 10 strokes.
  • Team Captains (A Players) are responsible for verifying handicaps of all team members, scoring one best ball net for the team, and designating such on the scorecard. The board is not responsible for incorrectly tallied scorecards.